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Recruiting new talent for your organization is crucial as it's something that keeps your company going. LaborPay will help you identify and recruit qualified candidates while ensuring federal and state laws compliance. Talent Acquisition tools include;

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Human Resources Tools

Need assistance in your daily HR functions? LaborPay has got you covered. We at LaborPay, have the right tools to help your business WIN in the marketplace. LaborPay automatically handles;

Candidate screening software

Time & Attendance Tools

With LaborPay's automatic time and attendance tools, all of your pertinent data is available in one place, and relevant action will be notified to you automatically, making it easier for you to control overtime and other labor costs while minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

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Scheduling Tool

LaborPay's advanced scheduling tool allows businesses to create, edit, and schedule shifts as per their convenience with simple steps. Now you can easily manage your workforce and schedule shifts online. Scheduling work shifts have never been easier!

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Event Management Tools

LaborPay's event management tool utilizes the advanced methodology to coordinate employees for an event. This tool enables businesses to create events and staffing coordination more conveniently. Whether it's an annual corporate dinner or quarterly success celebration, LaborPay's event management tool will locate and coordinate with the required employees and workers available on a specific date, at a particular rate and number, and get everything sorted for you.

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Creating a great customer experience begins with staying true to our words and the bonds we make by developing relationships that positively impact our customers' lives.


Performing with strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing the organization and the company's behavior as a whole.


No one out there has all the answers. However, a culture of humility and continuous learning is a bedrock principle of successful companies.


When people work together, they can create something greater than themselves as individuals.


Passion is to have joy not just for the work itself but also for the people around us so that everyone can be bold, innovative, and creative.


We provide outstanding products and an unsurpassed service that delivers premium value to our customers.


We value our people, encourage their development, and reward their performance.


Remaining humble allows selflessness, dignity, and the ability to listen to and accept others.

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We are good citizens in the communities in which we live and work.

We preferred LaborPay "Time and Attendance" services because of its cost-effectiveness and efficiently keeping track of our approximately 300 employees. Now attendance management is no more a hurdle for us. Their team is really supportive. 10/10 for their services.

–Tim Hank-

LaborPay has been with us since we stepped into the business world and successfully provided talent acquisition and event management services with proficiency. Their services are nothing less than relief for us. Thank you, team LaborPay.

–Anna Agnes-

Not all HRM systems give us the level of productivity that LaborPay has provided us. The implementation team's timeliness and efficiency are exceptional. Our HR operations have been significantly expedited thanks to the dynamic workflow management module.

–Arya Green-

About Us

Since 2009, the founders of LaborPay, with years of experience managing the complex operations of Human Resources, envisioned a new era in technology, where systems can perform the most difficult parts of the daily tasks while the experts can dedicate time to help what matters the most. In 2019, we decided to rebuild from the ground up a Human Capital Management solution to disrupt manual work throughout all businesses, resulting in the inception of LaborPay. Our people-centered culture matches our passion for HR and workforce management solutions. Together, we're dedicated to motivating employees and organizations, paving the future for our people, customers, and industry. LaborPay is a cloud-based Human Capital Management system designed to improve daily human resource management operations by utilizing modern methods and state-of-the-art technology.

Our services include Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Onboarding, Digital Documents Management, Employees' Web Portal, Scheduling, SMART Request Tool, PTO Management, Vacation & Sick automatic accruals, Time & Attendance, Time and Labor Invoicing, and Payroll processing services. By offering responsive service, experienced guidance, and technology that improves and expands, we continue to be your go-to AI based solutions provider.

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