Since 2009, the founders of LaborPay, with years of experience managing the complex operations of Human Resources, envisioned a new era in technology, where systems can perform the most difficult parts of the daily tasks while the experts can dedicate time to help what matters the most.

In 2019, we decided to rebuild from the ground up a Human Capital Management solution to disrupt manual work throughout all businesses, resulting in the inception of LaborPay.

Our people-centered culture matches our passion for HR and workforce management solutions. Together, we're dedicated to motivating employees and organizations, paving the future for our people, customers, and industry.

LaborPay is a cloud-based Human Capital Management system designed to improve daily human resource management operations by utilizing modern methods and state-of-the-art technology.

Our services include Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Onboarding, Digital Documents Management, Employees' Web Portal, Scheduling, SMART Request Tool, PTO Management, Vacation & Sick automatic accruals, Time & Attendance, Time and Labor Invoicing, and Payroll processing services.

By offering responsive service, experienced guidance, and technology that improves and expands, we continue to be your go-to AI based solutions provider.

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