Talent Acquistion

Recruiting new talent for your organization is crucial as it's something that keeps your company going. LaborPay's tool will help you identify and recruit qualified candidates while ensuring federal and state laws compliance. Our tool is specifically designed to provide you with all the benefits of your recruiting function while allowing you to retain complete control of crucial daily workflow.

Digital Job Application

At LaborPay, we provide a digital platform that enables business managers to create job positions and then posts them to your preferred job search. This allows potential candidates to apply directly to the system, centralize all the candidates' applications into the same system, and generate a candidates list for a hassle-free experience for managers.

Custom Applicant Process

Not all businesses utilize the same application process. At LaborPay, with our tools, we customize the steps you want applicants to complete.


At LaborPay, we strive to provide a seamless experience to candidates and proactive tools to recruiters. LaborPay's recruiting tool offers a complete and unified solution that helps businesses attract and hire the right talent.


Tired of having two different HR and training systems? LaborPay enables businesses to schedule numerous training sessions for employees so that they can select the session they wish to join, and then the system can coordinate that part for them.

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