Time & Attendance

It takes time to automate the tedious tasks that burden your teams, such as employee timekeeping, data collection, and attendance. With LaborPay's time and attendance tracking solutions, all of your data is available in one place, and relevant action will automatically notify you, making it easier for you to control overtime and other labor costs while minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

Automate Time and Attendance

At LaborPay, our futuristic tools automate routine tasks such as time collection, running timesheets, and correcting expectations to maximize productivity.

Moreover, our tool enables you to automate alerts and reminders when actions need to be taken, helping you save time and better meet the needs of your employees.

Maintain Compliance

By automating the computation of hours, overtime, and leaves, LaborPay reduces the possibility of human mistakes and reduces compliance risk with an automated time and attendance system. Before errors occur, proactive notifications provide suggested next steps to assist you in modifying your actions immediately.

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